Twenty Twenty Three Goals

Its time to prioritize people! I love the start of a new year. I am usually extremely motivated and seeking extra time to read. 

1. 50 books
     I don't love to obsess about number. Its not always an accurate gage on your reading life. If I read 40 books that are 1000 pages each or 40 books that are 100 pages each.... you know what I mean. With that being said I will strive for 50 this year and be happy where the shoe falls.

2. 20,000 pages
     I do care more about this statistic. If i read 50 books with a 20k goal for pages, thats roughly 400 pages per book. This leaves room for short thriller or romances as well as long and hefty fantasy series.

3. Active Reading Journal
     More on this one to come. Every year I attempt some sort of journaling. I get in over my head and fizzle out. I have a plan 😏

4. Engage With Fellow Readers
     Finally, I'd like to find my place in the reader community. So here we are!


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