We Are The Brennans

 Book #3 of 2023

We Are The Brennans
Tracey Lange 
Pub: Aug 3,2021
288 pages 

We Are The Brennans has been collecting dust on my shelf since I picked it over a year ago from my Book of The Month (BOTM) subscription knowing full and well I probably wouldn’t even read it.

This novel follows Sunday Brennan on her way back home after a drunk driving accident. It explores the complex dynamic of family while providing twists and turns to keep you engaged.  The heart of this story is about love - old flames, siblings, parents - and the impact it has on who we are.

This book is a perfect read for those looking for a family drama with some heart that can be finished in a couple of days. The audio book was also a wonderful companion to the print book.

I look forward to reading Tracey’s new book The Connellys of County Down releasing this August!


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