Six Books You Should Read According To Your Relationship Status


Happy Valentines Day! While happily married, I’m a firm believer that you do not need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Spread some love and self love today. Alright back to books. You don’t always want a hard breakup book when it’s a little too close to home. A happily ever after doesn’t always hit right either. I’ve compiled list of books for every stage of your love life. 


From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout

The Maiden is the future of her kingdom.  She will remain pure until it is time for her Ascension.  She is not to be touched, looked at, or spoken to without specific consent of royalty.  Poppy struggles to come to terms with her life, which is time and time again demonstrated as not her own. As The Maiden, she has never known love. Enter Hawke, a new guard on her staff.  He sees her as more than a religious figurehead and opens her eyes to what is right under her nose.  Love could mean danger and destruction for her and her kingdom.  Is she willing to risk it all?



The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith is just trying to finish her PhD.  She doesn’t believe in long lasting relationships but must convince her best friend she is happy and well.  One thing leads to another and next thing she knows, she ends up in a fake dating situation with the most ruthless professor in the biology department, Adam Carlsen.  When the lines between real and fake start to blur, she must get her emotions under control…and quickly.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath is famous. Okay…she’s internet famous.  Cath writes very successful fanfiction for the beloved (Harry Potter-esque) Simon Snow.  When it is time for her and her sister to attend college, everything changes.  Her twin sister wants to be her own person, her roommate’s charming boyfriend seems a little too friendly, and her handsome classmate seems interested in spending lots of time with her.  To top it all off, her dad seems to be on the cusp of a mental health crisis back home.  While her relationships, classes, and family life seem to be spiraling, Simon Snow is all that keeps her afloat.  Filled with heart and emotion, Cath reminds us what it is to be 18 and unsure of the world, while navigating your love life at such a young age.



Hester by Laurie Lico Albanese

This dark and gothic historical fiction follows the troubled love between young Isobel Gamble, a Scottish (and married!) seamstress, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, a broody writer haunted by his family’s past, in America in the early 1800s.  Their respective families have a twisted and tangled past surrounding the targeting of young women and purging the world of demons.  It becomes clear in their relationship that one good and one is evil, but which is which?



The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Jess Davis is not looking for love. She is simply trying to raise her daughter to be the loving, sweet person she knows she is.  Jess was left by her mother at a young age and her ex-boyfriend before the birth of their daughter.  She just needs to continue to work in statistics and make enough money for them to be happy and comfortable.  Jess stumbles into GeneticAlly, a dating app that using numbers to match couples.  She ends up with a 98 percent match with founder, Dr River Pena.  After quickly finding out River is not who she would like him to be, she is offered a lot of money by the company to get to know him.  This will test the efficacy of GeneticAlly.  Can we truly calculate love?



A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Marguerite Caine’s parents have discovered how to travel between parallel universes, and now her father is dead.  Her parent’s tall, mysterious, and handsome assistant, Paul, is the killer.  Marguerite and her long time friend, Theo, chase Paul across the multiverse and relive multiple versions of themselves and the world around them.  It becomes evident that not everything is as it seems, and Paul may not be the killer they are hunting.

Whether you are going on a romantic dinner date tonight or just watching some Netflix in bed with wine, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and get lots of reading in!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm single myself. This is such a fun post.

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