A Fire Endless

  Book #20 of 2023

A Fire Endless (Elements of Cadence #2)
Rebecca Ross
Fantasy/Romance (Closed Door)
Pub: Feb 15, 2022
480 pages 

A Fire Endless picks up exactly where A River Enchanted left off. Jack is in the West after Adaira is sent East to be with the Breccans. While Jack is fighting off the depression and loneliness of his heartbreak, Adaira is struggling to keep the island from all out war.  Their new challenges will impact the lives of their families.  Sidra and Torin strive to create a comfortable living in the West with their new found leadership in the face of an unexpected blight that is taking lives at every turn.  

The East will soon become a vital player in the future of the West.  They were always destined to be intertwined, but what kind of bloodshed will ensue to secure the future of the island?

What I Enjoyed
Once again, the politics of this novel are FANTASTIC.  We learn about the Eastern culture and the impacts it has on the citizens and their daily lives.  Adaira must learn the ways of the East in order to encourage peace among not only the East and the West, but of the citizens of the East themselves.

The second installment of Elements of Cadence had a much faster pace and more intense tone.  It was very easily digestible while maintaining the beautiful lyrical prose that Ross established in the first novel.  A Fire Endless read much more like a high fantasy romance than an atmospheric book.

What Could Have Been Better
I would have loved to see more of the spirit world and the story behind what exactly was going on while the mortals struggled to maintain their own peace.  Because this was a duology, it was not exactly possible to incorporate the behind the scenes, but the connection to the spirits felt very choppy at times.

Final Recommendation
If you made it through the first one, the conclusion is a necessity.  The ground work laid in A River Enchanted allowed for A Fire Endless to be an explosive and impactful fantasy.


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