Hot Summer Reads

I will be the first to tell you that summer is not my favorite season.  I like when it gets a little nicer out and I am able to spend some time at the beach or the pool, but by now...I'm over it.  It's hot, it's sticky, I want to be inside.  This is where my mood reading comes in.  I will continue to read books set in summer settings -- islands, vacations, deserts -- to get the full affect in my reading life.  Here are a list of books to help your hot girl summer.

A Caribbean Heiress in Paris by Adriana Herrera

Luz Alana Heith Benzan is setting sale to Paris after the death of her father with her sisters and her two best friends.  She plans on setting up a future for herself and her family that will secure them for generations to come...without relying on a man.  When her father's will and and undeniably attractive Scottsman throw a wrench in her plan, she must be prepared for a new beginning.  Full of passion, independence, and love, A Carribbean Heiress in Paris is the perfect vacation read this summer.

28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand

Mallory Blessing has a long and complicated life and love history, which her son is about to discover.  This novel is full of secrets, forbidden love, and complicated relationships.  Set on a beachfront cottage in Nantucket, this novel will have you longing for the salty air and calming crash of waves.  I loved every twist and turn of this novel, but will warn it is not for everyone.  There is a lot of adultery and there can be some frustrating choices made by each character.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Nina Rive is getting ready to throw her famous end of summer bash with her siblings, Jay, Hud, and Kit, in tow.  Everyone wants a piece of this celebrity family and a dip into the secrets of the children of singer Mick Riva.  The party quickly spins out of control and the lid is threatening to blow on everything the Riva's have tried to stow away.  This page turner will have you reliving your young summer nights and all the drama filled intensity that was brought with them.

Happy & You Know it by Laura Hankin

A young musician, Claire, as recently been kicked out of her band that shot to stardom without her.  She begrudgingly takes a job as a musician for a group of wealthy mothers who are seeking a musician for their children.  Claire quickly finds out she is getting more than she bargained for.  These women fill their time with drama, betrayals, and secrets.  This book will have you shaking your head at what too much time and too much money can do to one.  This is the perfect palate cleanser for a hot summer night.

The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman

The second-born daughters of the Fontana family have long since been cursed to never find love...a curse that the family struggles to believe in but always seems to ring true.  Aunt Poppy vows to break this wretched belief with her unwilling nieces, Emilia and Lucy in tow.  This time hopping story gives you the perspective of the impact the curse has had on many generations.  The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany is full of romance and family secrets, but it is far from a light read.  Destiny will be the ultimate player in this intense novel.


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