November Wrap Up

I continued a pretty solid reading streak over from October into November.  I am really starting to read for myself and figuring out what really works for me.  My reading will probably slow in the next couple of weeks due to some life changes, which is okay.  I read because I love to, not because I have to.  

I found myself itching to finish and continue series, something that will probably continue into 2024.  Here are the five books I got into last month!


Dana Schwartz 
389 pages
4 stars

The second installment of the Anatomy Duology, Immortality, continues our story of Hazel Sinnett in her journey as a female physician in Scotland in the 1800s.  After quite a few unfortunate events, she ends up in London with the royal family.  In a world of glamor, she is forced to deal with the dark truth of humanity and mortality, as well as dealing with Jack's fate.  I loved this conclusion and this has turned into one of my favorite YA series I've read.


Peng Shepherd 
392 pages
4 stars

Dr Nell Young is the daughter of the world renowned cartographer, Dr Daniel Young.  His skills are unparalleled and Nell is proving to be a prodigy herself.  One problem: they haven't spoken in years after a hostile fall out while both are employed at The New York Public Library.  When Nell's father dies suddenly in what looks suspiciously like a murder, the past threatens to emerge and destroy the fragile ground that Nell stands on.  The mystery in this story keeps you engaged and turning the pages until the very end.  An atmospheric and thrilling novel, The Cartographers answers one question that will lead to three more.  If you enjoy academia novels, this ones for you.


Katharine McGee
400 pages 
4 stars

Why I am still reading this series is quite seriously beyond me.  But seriously, I love trash reality TV and this is what the American Royals series is in real life.  American Royals imagines the USA as a monarchy and follows the United States' royal family and all of their juicy drama.  Full of romance, revenge, and frenemies, Rivals delivers on the third installment of the series.


Jennifer Armentrout 
632 pages
5 stars

The fifth installment of Flesh and Fire has a compulsive plot and is develops the characters that are sure to make quite the impact on the entire realm and universe, including that of the Blood and Ash series.  This novel was not received with the same amount of love as her other novels.  It is quite a bit slower and what many consider to be filler content.  I don't quite agree with this...I think this was one of Armentrout's smarter novels and included essential world building and deepened character studies


Stacy Willingham 
357 pages 
3.75 stars

Chloe Davis was just a girl when her father had been arrested as a serial killer after wreaking havoc on her small town in Louisiana.  Now, 20 years later, she is a practicing psychologist with a PhD.  Coming up on the anniversary of her father's arrest, multiple young girls start to go missing in a pattern that seems eerily familiar.  This popcorn thriller was just that...a popcorn thriller.  Lots of gasps and whiplash, but nothing crazy.  I enjoyed this book for what it was but, found the ending slightly predictable.


2170 Pages
4.15 Average Star Rating


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